When it stings, listen

Life lessons: when it stings, listen

Only one woman was brave enough to finally share her truth and call me out on my complicity in supporting racism.

The Journey to Ally

Looking back, I know I failed to show up as an ally to Black women while I was working in corporate human resources. The good news is that doesn’t have to stop me now. Have you thought about how you can show up to truly advocate for and support Women of Color? Try sharing what […]

Stop Judging Yourself

Stop Judging Yourself

Have you ever fallen victim to imposter syndrome? I know I have. And when I learned a key trick to overcoming this condition of self-doubt, I was really surprised by the solution.

Focus on What You Want

focus on what you want

What you pay attention to expands! So when I was focusing on how little money I had and how hard it was to find paying clients, I just experienced more of the same.

Missing Out

life lessons: missing out

If you are always surrounding yourself with people who look like you and have the same values and goals as you, you might be comfortable, but you’re missing out.

Secret Desires

secret desires

Have you ever believed something about yourself only to discover it was never really true?

Questioning my Beliefs

questioning my beliefs

No one will ever argue that it feels okay to have your personal beliefs challenged, especially when they are deeply held as absolute truths that have helped you to navigate life.

Mistake or Failure?

life lessons: mistake or failure?

I have made colossal mistakes that feel like failures. At the time, I couldn’t stop thinking about them and wondered if I would recover.

Unlearning Racism

unlearning racism

In the most recent stories of racial injustice, Amy Cooper’s threats against Christian Cooper (no relation) and the unjustifiable death of George Floyd, I had to reckon with the reality that my white privilege implies that this is not my problem.